The board has researched several options for durable, low-maintenance mailboxes and posts. The current thinking is to use an upgraded plastic mailbox and build posts that can be protected with Trex sleeves to eliminate the need for painting. The photo is a concept rendering and not the final product.

the survey has closed, thanks

This is a survey of fellow HOA members on yourt willingness to approve a special assessment to cover the cost of labor to install new mailboxes.

Our annual assessment fees will fund the cost of mailbox material. The board has completed extensive research on the options for both materials, and the projected cost for labor is approximately $150 per 127 households, or $19,050. The original homestead at 1269 Grosvenor Ct is excluded from the project as they have a mailbox that was “grandfathered in” when the association was formed.

If it appears a special assessment is a possibility worth voting on, the board will host a special HOA meeting in January to approve this project formally. If scheduled, that meeting will require a quorum of 50% of HOA members in attendance or voting by proxy and approval of 2/3 of those voting.

If HOA members are amenable to the special assessment, there is a good chance we can replace the dysfunctional and worn-looking mailboxes in 2023. Without approval, we will either need to muster volunteer labor (and there is some homeowner interest in doing this) or postpone the project until it is fully funded through annual HOA fees.